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Queen of Tarts
27 February 2008 @ 06:19 pm


.-- .... .. - .-.. . -.-- 

Whitley in morse code.

.-.. . .- ..-. -.--

That's his name. 


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Queen of Tarts
14 February 2008 @ 11:51 pm

Can I just say that I'm increbidly pumped up about the fourth book and movie release of Twilight? Oh, I'm sure that when they're out and boring I'll hate the both of them equally for different reasons, but I'm excited that I arch will end soon and curious to see how they pull it off and who they murder for the movie.

Good times. :)

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Queen of Tarts
19 November 2007 @ 12:40 am

It's about 20 to 1 on my birthday and I've managed to fuck off my boyfriend by being completely selfish and stupid. 

I wanted to say happy birthday and all that, but it seems as though a fucking bottle of perfume is the most important thing in the world and for that, I fucking despise you. All of this, for a fucking bottle of scented water.

It isn't, but I don't think he'd believe me anymore.

This is horrible. He'd be the only person to remember to wish me a happy birthday. My own mother had to ask me when it was, and Dad, well, he's not into celebrating birthdays at all. 

I don't know how to fix things. 

I just wish I could rewind the clock and get my midnight birthday message. 

I've managed to screw things up pretty badly.

I want to go to bed and sleep until next week but I can't, I never can drift off when I'm fighting with him. 

I hate guilt. I fucking hate it. Now I'll never be able to touch his present or use it or even look at it without feeling guilty. I just wish he'd destroy it, or give it away. 

Who needs that Jiminy Cricket?


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Queen of Tarts
17 November 2007 @ 07:40 pm

I just ruined the surprise my boyfriend had for me for my birthday.

I feel really bad.

He seems kind of disappointed.

...Even though I got what I wanted.


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Queen of Tarts
13 October 2007 @ 02:58 am

Surprise, surprise, people.

I have the internet again.

Just wait until the magic wears off and I'm pissy again. Then this place will be alive with angst and self pity and all those other things I'm so perfect at.

Motorhead was awesome. All boys, I swear. And we were up the front. And, and just to prove why I'm so fucking awesome, the leader singer of Rose Tattoo caught my eye and proceeded to tell the entire concert about my smile.

That's right, my smile. My smile is fucking magic.

It can get me a fellow smile from Pete Wentz. It can get me talked about in a concert full of penis.

Mr. Manson was a Goth Fest of gothic hotties. He was probably the most fun, even though I hardly know any of his songs.

I'll probably talk about my concert experiences when I have nothing else happy in my life.

Bon BYE, bitches.



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Queen of Tarts
01 October 2007 @ 03:09 am

Well, well, well...

Life after highschool has been like wading through a pool of quicksand. IT SUCKS. Mind you, that's because I'm in this complete state of sucky mcsuck-suck waiting. Waiting for dad to realise I'm all grown up, waiting for Leaf to pull together enough money, waiting for my Australian citizenship, waiting for the damn year to end. 

On the otherhand I'm now doing a TAFE hairdressing course to fill in time. I don't fit in with the other girls who all seem to have "growing up" down to a pat, but they're friendly enough. 

I'm still unemployed, but am thinking of MAYBE submitting a application form to McDonalds. Maybe. 

My so-called friend has not spoken to me for about a month because I'm not that fond of going out clubbing. That and I never seem to have money when she calls. 

I miss my other friends but I guess that's all apart of moving on, right?

My entire world is a boy who's holding my heart in his hand. Fair trade though, since I have his. Love's awesome, people should have it all the time. 

Computer/Video games have opened up an entire nerd/boy world for me and I've also found the magical place of RPGchat, where I can indugle in my Word Whore ways. 

I am no longer in love with Gerard Way for he has betrayed me and gotten himself hitched. 

I know, I know. He's a total bastard for doing that to me, isn't he? :D 

But yet there's another flip side to the coin: I have discovered a new God, Pete Wentz. Went to the FOB show on Thursday the 27th, knowing the one supporting band song. Elbowed little girls and their parents out of my way and got so damn close to the front that I could almost taste Pete's sweat. And, and I'm leaving the best part for last... He smiled at me! Twice! We had total eye connection!

I love concerts, gigs, anything where you can scream your lungs out and play rough with the other kiddies. 

Future Concert dates:

Motorhead, this Wednesday.
Marylin Manson, next Monday.

Both HIS bands but I don't mind. Well, Manson anyway. I'm not really that keen on getting felt up by bikers.

Life on the whole is... Good. A little lonely at times, but that's what makes me so damn great, right?

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Current Music: Jack's Mannequin
Queen of Tarts
04 December 2006 @ 05:50 pm
Since all I ever do is bitch in this thing, I thought that I'd try and make a fresher start with talking about someone who HASN'T backstabbed me and thrown my carcas to the crocodillys (not for the lack of wanting to, I'm going to guess).

I first met Minny when she arrived at our primary school. We weren't friends in Primary. She and Talisa, another new girl, ganged up and became a pair of BITCHES. 


It wasn't until year 8 when Stevie, another girl from Primary became my friend, bringing Min with her. Or me to them, I've never been sure. Min had Chole from her classes and the four of us became friends. But enough of that. 

Truthfully our group has always paired off. We've varied in combinations (not much mind you), but hey, whatever. It was highschool. In the last two years Minny and I shared a few classes together, which meant we'd work on Drama projects together, or talk in Study. And, you know, she's so much different from Stevie's delinquntacy. Oh, she can be a bitch sometimes but she's honest and critical enough to give it to you. I may not like how highschool ended, but I'm glad that Min and I managed to not fall out like that. One door closes, anothe door opens, right? I really hope that we continue this trend and remain friends for a long time. 

Now, to find myself a job...
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Queen of Tarts
28 November 2006 @ 10:18 pm
Highschool is over, finished, no more. I'll probably never see my classmates again, which may or may not be a bad thing, depending on who you're talking about. I don't know though... it's like summer holidays, where after eight weeks you go back and see everyone. 

I don't want that, but I don't know how to stop that expectation. Highschool ended on such a bad note, what with our group just breaking apart and no schoolies and what-not. My eighteenth birthday didn't happen at all... none of it was what I expected. I'll either write through my pain and become a best selling author with a series of idealistic Highschool Romances, or I'll never let it go and just grow bitter.

Oh yeah, too late for that one...

I didn't even really know the people at school, which is my fault I suppose, but everyone had their friends. 

I'm afraid that I didn't fit in. I'm afraid that I'll be remembered badly. I'm afraid that I won't be remembered at all. I'm afraid that being afraid makes me a wimp. I'm afraid that I'll forget the things that mattered. I'm afraid that I'll forget the things that didn't. I'm afraid that life will never be like what it was. I'm afraid that life will be exactly the same. I want to move on from highschool, but I don't want to leave it behind. I need a box of matches to burn it away, to make room for whatever and whoever else will come but yet I'm hiding the papers and the photos. Everyone wants to know that they mattered: did I? Did knowing me make a difference to anybody or am I being egotistical? Was I as invisible as I sometimes felt? Will my classmates remember my name, will I remember theirs? Will my old friends be happy? Will I make new ones as good or better? Will the old ones worth keeping stick around, or will they be a yearbook photo I blow dust off? Why didn't I tell my old crushes I liked them (Oh yeah, that's why: they would have laughed me out of school....)? Was it worth it? Will I always have the dirty sense of humor I had with my mates? Will I still be jealous of the pretty girls if I ever meet them again? Was I just a big fat loser? Am I the only one feeling like this, and if so, does that make me a pathetic person? 

Gah, I hate questions...

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Queen of Tarts
25 September 2006 @ 07:54 pm
I have the weirdest fetishes.

And, on the off chance that someone I know reads this (cough*cough*KELLY) I won't detail them (even though I know perfectly well that you know, KELLY). But seriously... that's not natural, right? I'm pretty sure that's not natural.

Urgh. It's worse because I don't really care.
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Queen of Tarts
01 July 2006 @ 03:18 pm
Well, a jail term sentence on a tropical island anyway.

Half-way through the winter holidays and now I've got to go up to the good old whitsundays and serve time with my biological mother. Which shouldn't be TOO bad... if I actually felt comfortable around her and that part of the family, which I don't. But honestly...it shouldn't be that horrible... I mean, the senery is nice. (:P)

Gah, I should make more effort concering that side of the family, but I never do. I should be grateful that they're there, but I'm not. I guess this confirms my theory that I am a horrible person, don't it?

It seems my generation puts so much effort on being an individual, on thinking outside the square, on values and morals. Being superfical, commercal... it's not the way that we want to be, apparently. But what's so horribly evil about it? What's the big deal if I like the i-pod ads? If I like too shop, if I enjoy all those material things? Okay, so yeah, there's all too life then blah, blah, blah. I know. But too many people I know take themselves and take everything waaaay too seriously. Yet how come I feel like such a flake when I think that? How come I don't have a place with all the heavy thinkers in my grade? How come I feel like shit everytime that JACKASS comes in and interuppts MY conversation to call me stereotypical, to tell me that I'm wrong, my ideas are "dead"... basically looks at me like I'm made of plastic?

How come that when people get groups, get cliques, get friends, popularity, get confidance that they turn into assholes?
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